The Arts & Crafts of Music Making: Dream Theatre Drummer Auditions

Sam and Noah indulge…

The Audition Reality Show!

Meshuggah obZen
Sam’s preferred technical progressive rock band. Also a favorite of our friend Andrew Shenkman.

Why did Mike Portnoy leave dream theater?

…I really just felt like Dream Theater needed a break. We have been on a write-record-tour cycle for a solid 12, 15 years almost 20 years at this point without any real breaks, and I was just feeling like it was… I don’t know… It was just a pattern that needed to be broken. And this isn’t something that I just started feeling and decided overnight… ’cause I really felt the need to shake up the cycle and break the pattern that we’d been doing for so long because it was starting to become a little stale to me. I would go off and do these other projects and they were very refreshing to me and yet I’d come back to Dream Theater, and as much as I love the music and as much me and the bandmembers are brothers, I just felt like we needed a break from each other in order to reignite the flame.